How To Eliminate Stress And Become More Energized So That You Can Create Exponential Growth Across In Areas Of Life


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Thank you Sarah for sharing all of your love, knowledge, guidance, experiences, and wisdom.

I am beyond amazed and grateful. And I am excited to live in the moment creating a divinely guided future of healing women who will make a difference in the world!!!


When I spoke with Sarah I was in a place where I did not know where my life was going. I enrolled in the M90 program and worked on it hard for the 90 days. I was determined to change my life and this help me do it. I finally had purpose in my life and knew what I wanted and where I was going. What the program is a MIRACLE IN 90 DAYS. My life progressed so much in 90 days then it did the past 5 years. I am now a Reiki Master and progressing even more every day that passes. Sarah is awesome and there every step of way. Thank you Sarah for this program and your unconditional love and support throughout my journey. I will forever be grateful. I highly recommend Sarah and her program. Thank you Sarah!



Sarah has been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur, wife and mother. I cannot speak highly enough of her and her work!!


This class has revolutionized my life. The meditations have opened me up and helped me to heal in areas that I didn't even know were in disrepair. The instruction is second to none and the support is invaluable.


I had negative energy needing to be shifted and was excited to have the opportunity to do so without traveling. I was amazed at the process and the instant healing of heart, mind, body, and soul on many levels. Then I experienced new awareness and understanding for days afterwards.


Sarah is a powerful and intuitive healer, leader, teacher, and coach. I feel honored that I have received many opportunities to receive her wisdom and healing light energy in the digital online space and in person. Her Miracle 90 online course completely changed my life. It not only allowed me to tap into my inner healer and begin to make dramatic shifts in my mindset and physical, mental and emotional health, but it also empowered me to start my own business and begin helping others. If Sarah ever offers more retreats (and I hope she does) don't hesitate to go, you will be blown away by the value she provides and the awakening you experience. Whether it's a distance session, online course, or in-person event, you will leave completely transformed.


 I was in a desperate search for something that would put my life back together. After suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic issues and low self-worth for so many years now I am at a stage where I am living to the fullest and happiest. Now I'm always in a state of gratefulness and bliss. I never knew how to live authentically. I have had miraculous changes in my life after joining Miracle90. I would recommend this course to everyone. Thank you Sarah for M90. I know you will be touching many more people's lives with your gift. Love and Light!! 


Sarah Nolan is an awesome teacher. Miracle90 has helped me see my true self. Its opened my eyes and I'm happier then i have ever been.


Sarah is an awesome trainer and has changed my life dramatically through her online course. She is such an amazing Spiritual Leader and an inspiration to me and our tribe


I was just thinking about how much your course has already changed my life and It struck me. Most of my family will be able to benefit immensely from this. My family tree is riddled with cancer, autoimmune disease and heart disease. I mean this has the potential for creating some amazing change in my family. Thank you!

I love Reiki!!! I have been immersing myself in everything reiki for the past week and I notice such a difference,

Laurence Became Filled With Joy and Started Living Her Purpose!


Daniela Healed her Sick and Elderly Dog!


Stacy Became Wildly Fulfilled and Started Her Dream Business!


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I'll be showing you the exact steps you need to become more energized and relieve stress on demand so that you can create a life of greater peace, balance, and contribution to your family and clients.


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Immediate Results

What Clients Have Been Saying In The First Phase (first days/weeks):

"I am taking swift action and moving fearlessly. Thank you"

"I suffered migraines, but this has completely helped."

"Endometriosis and migraines are much better"

"Huge changes in me and how I deal with things. I am a much more patient person. My relationships at home have improved so much because I am so relaxed and things don’t bother me as much. Spiritually I have been catapulted into a higher awareness of who God really is and what truth really is. Wow, the lights have been turned on!"

"I am a happier, calmer, peaceful, energized. The people around me have noticed that I have a certain calming energy that is positive and uplifting. "

"I’ve noticed a calming of my mind. Not worrying so much."

"My outlook is way more positive, spiritually I have opened quite a bit and I feel like I can’t know and learn enough. My relationships are good and more open, communication is becoming better with some. All kinds of opportunities are opening up for me on the career front."

"I love them! They are helping me release a lot of emotional baggage I have been holding onto. I tend to shed tears during most of my treatments. They are tears of joy, gratitude, and release."

"I have been more stable with my emotions. I have noticed that the interactions I have at work are more positive. people are starting to see the change in me and say daily that they notice a glow about me. My dreams are becoming more vivid and the messages are becoming more easily seen in my dreams and waking life." 

“Miracle 90 has done miracles already, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I know it’s something great, I now have vision.”


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