Vibrant Life Healers are highly skilled in techniques to support individuals on their path of healing. They are attuned and certified Reiki Masters, Crystal Healers, Dowsing Practitioners, Angel Practitioners, and Akashic Records Practitioners. They are certified by mastering the art of the healing modalities that Sarah Nolan teaches. If you would like to apply to become a certified healer yourself, please contact Sarah at



Raquel M. Lucero, CRMT, CCH, CEERTP, CAP, CARP

Hello, my name is Raquel Lucero. I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I started my Reiki journey April of 2016. Reiki came to me at a crossroad in my life where wanting and growing in a different direction was very needed. I had been in the medical field 22 years prior. Working with people, showing compassion and caring came naturally. I knew there was more out there for me to experience and learn. I instantly feel in love with Reiki and everything that comes along with it. Reiki was everything I wanted to learn, to share, to teach. I have completed the Miracle 90 Course and have received my Reiki Master certificate as of March 17, 2017. I have lovingly shared my gift of Reiki through my practice, Enlightenment-The Element of Reiki. I have met so many wonderful people along the way, with a goal in mind of moving forward through transformational healing. I plan on becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in the near future. Meantime, I am loving this beautiful, fulfilling journey with Reiki. It has become a life-changing, miraculous gift.



Zahira Arcidiacono:

I have always been drawn to helping others heal. Ever since childhood I have had special healing abilities, especially with animals. As I have grown, these abilities have matured. My higher self has always told me that energetic healing is my calling and in this element, I experience the absolute most fulfillment. Working with animals and people on a spiritual and energetic level is my passion and I look forward to sharing with you.

My Journey to Reiki...

As I was preparing to launch my life coaching company, I began to experience severe anxiety and depression-like symptoms. I was at a complete stand-still in my life and completely unable to move forward. In my effort to find a solution, I turned to holistic medicine and practitioners for help. Finally, my search lead me to an incredible Reiki Master Teacher, and Spiritual Coach Sarah Nolan who offered to heal me through her program, Miracle90. Halfway through the program, I clearly understood my purpose, my calling and even my suffering. All paths had now made sense to me. I fell in love with the concepts and how it began to transform me and maximize me as a human being. I began to experience compassion and love for others as I never had before, and in doing so, I became blessed with intuition and psychic gifts that surpassed my understanding. I knew that I had to share this with the world as I wanted everyone to experience this, so I began my Holistic Healing Company, Reiki by Zee.


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