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My name is Zahira Arcidiacono and I started the Reiki master class at the beginning of this year 2017. It was my gift to myself.
I had been suffering from depression and anxiety in an extreme way. When I first saw the master class I just wanted to get help for the pain that I was feeling.

I have now been in the class for a little over three weeks and have experienced 2 Attunements and they have served me in the most incredible way. The first one had me feeling one different chakra experience every day from feeling pains in my gut that traveled out my head literally to pumps in my heart that I knew were God's way of putting life back into me.

I believe that the awareness alone in the first few weeks of the program can change your life dramatically all on their own. I didn't know what energy was and how it flow from one place to another and now that I am able to take control of the decisions that I make that actually changed the outcome of almost everything and that and alone is incredible. I have also learned through this program in this short time how to manage my severe anxiety by just going and meeting with my Reiki guide.

Nothing that I've ever tried or learned in my past has been able to make me feel the peace Serenity and stability that I feel today. I don't know how people survived not knowing this before. I absolutely love the program and the material and the way that it set up I am taking it in every Sunday like Church and studied it everyday a little bit and it is working out perfect for me.
Also I have not yet done the self treatment every day I only started them today but I have been doing little treatments on my son and they have been helping out a hell of a lot

I am confident that I will be fully ready to help others in a great way when I start my practice if I continue to put my whole heart into this program. Thank you Sarah for loving us so much and putting this together!


I am so grateful that I have found you and this training. I was told almost one year ago by a “medical intuitive” and master Reiki trainer that I should go through a Reiki training, as it would greatly benefit me in my self healing journey, and at my job which can somewhat be a bit overwhelming, even though I am doing things I love and feel are on my path. My whole life I have dealt with some level of anxiety, and over the past 5 years I would say that had amplified to a very uncomfortable level, to the point that it was affecting my cognitive function and my physical body. My frustration and disappointment soon became drirected toward myself, as I began to beat myself up for not being perfect, or for not following through with my ideas due to fear. I soon came to the realization that my seeking outward gratification only resulted in fleeting happiness, and it did not feel authentic, as I was constantly doing what others “expected” of me rather than what felt good to me, or aligned with my beliefs.

Level 1 Reiki training along with the self treatments has really expanded my consciousness and awareness, to where I could see the self-sabatoging habits I would choose to numb or “run” from from feeling the emotions I needed to honor, but had somewhere picked up the belief that they were not good or acceptable to experience. I also experienced overwhelming fear of the unknown and what would result if I acknowledged these feelings, so I turned to other things for comfort that were not serving my body. Reiki has given me the courage to accept my past mistakes and to forgive myself for those actions, as I was simply doing the best that I could at that time. I feel a fire within my spirit again as if a Phoenix has been ignited and reborn, as I am shedding all the ideas of who society as told me I should be and am for the first time really asking myself who do I want to be? What purpose am I here to serve? Previously there was a lot of fear and self judgement around those questions, such as who am I to believe I am worthy enough to be able to help others….what will others think? What if they don’t understand? While this fear is not completely gone, I feel I have developed this deep understanding and knowing that #1 I AM worthy of this journey/life path of healing myself and teaching others to do the same and #2 of course not everyone will understand or agree with what I do or believe, but what truly matters is that those who I am here to serve and help will get it, and that is what is most important. I have also come to an understanding that my misdirected frustration at my body (as I thought it was betraying me due to the many uncomfortable symptoms and pain I was experiencing), was simply my body trying to get my attention. The self treatments have allowed me to tune into these messages, gain insight into what my body needs, and lead me to choices and actions I need to take.

I felt a LOT of things shift in my energy these past 30 days. Going through the material has been the most fun experience and I find myself always seeking more knowledge. When I did my first attunement I was really struggling with those perviously mentioned habits of wanting to comfort myself and numb out from feeling the emotions, as this was an almost lifelong habit I had developed. MANY things were coming up for me and I was uncertain how to process them, however I soon after started with the self treatments I could just feel the intense loving energy flowing through my body that was giving me a safe space to process and release the stagnant and stuck emotions and energy that had been weighing me down for YEARS. The first week I had many things even fall off the shelf and somewhat startle me as I worked around the sacral and solar plexus area. I feel the most energy flowing through while working at the knees and thighs. There has also been a lot of synchronicity with many 11:11 and 1:11 sightings, flashes of white and blue lights and much more visual meditations full of color and designs. Last week I lot of mental and emotional past trauma have been coming up for me, and after listening to a video posted by you in the group I realized I desperately needed to turn to my angels and ask them for help, and to slow the process down at this moment. I am looking forward to moving onto Level 2 and learning more how to heal in those areas that are coming up for me now. I have so far only practiced with my mom, which I shared that experience with the group earlier. I have already been asked by many to start my practice on them and have been approached with an opportunity to practice in a massage studio near my home. I ran into the previously mentioned Reiki teacher about 1 week ago, and she immediately smiled and knew I had started the process, as she mentioned that my energy was glowing, more full and vibrant than she had ever seen it in me.

With love and gratitude,
Caroline Renee Woolard



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