Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Through the power of guided meditation, positive energy, and radical self-love and self-care, I Am A Goddess will help you to regain your unshakable confidence while you break through to expand your joy, health, and abundance! 

This transformational program uses proven methods such as meditation, affirmations to take you through a journey of self-discovery while learning fun and easy methods of worshiping yourself as the Goddess that you are!


Discovering and connecting with the REAL you!

Being deeply fulfilled with love for yourself!

Becoming an unstoppable force of nature who can do, be, and have ANYTHING!

A life filled with health, joy, AND abundance!

Breaking through to achieve your goals and dreams!

The Inner Goddess Journey includes:

  • 4 healing guided meditations (infused with reiki and sound healing!)
  • Over 90 minutes of course content
  • 17 journal exercises 
  • Dynamic and supportive community
  • Teacher support

In I am a Goddess You'll Discover:

  • Your Inner Goddess power
  • How to worship your body, mind, and spirit for better health, relationships, and life
  • What your divine life purpose is

Why taking this class online perfect:

  • You get lifetime access!
  • You get to take it at your own pace!
  • You get to take it in your own space! 
  • You get to take it in your pj's while eating peanut butter from a jar!

I Am A Goddess is for you if you:

  • Want to feel more beautiful, confident, and deserving, and powerful
  • Want to experience more joy, health, and abundance in your life
  • Want to feel more energy
  • Know you were born to do big things in the world
  • Are ready to break through limiting beliefs and roadblocks that have been holding you back

I Am A Goddess is NOT for you if you:

  • Are looking for a Band-Aid or a quick fix
  • Aren’t willing to put in the work
  • Don't actually want to change
  • Quit at the first hint of challenge

 Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

  • How long will it take me to go through the course? It should take between a day and a week depending on your style
  • What if I can't meditate? That's perfect! I guide all of the meditations, so you don't have to do a thing except close your eyes and listen.
  • What if I fall asleep during the meditation? Totally fine! You can take do the meditation over when you feel more energized. If you keep falling asleep, then it's possible that you are doing healing work on a very deep level. Your soul never sleeps, and you are still benefiting from the meditation even if you sleep through it.
  • What devices can I take the course on? All of my courses can be taken on your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone.

I cannot wait for you to join in this revolutionary experience and movement that will absolutely change your life for the better! Join the I Am A Goddess class today to begin a new chapter of life where you get to design your life with the power, guidance, and support of your Inner Goddess!




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